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Benefits of Volunteering

There are many benefits of volunteering at the Sandiego Foundation of Nepal (SADFUN).
Here are the top ten reasons for volunteering:

  1. Meet New People
    Make friends and get a different view on things
  2. Help People Around You
    You feel like you did something to help your community
  3. Its Fun
    Being with friendly people is really a fun!
  4. You Get To Go Outside And See The City
    Its good to have an adventure. And Nepal has many suitable places for it!
  5. Personal Growth
    It is always good to learn more about yourself. You will learn new things while you are in Nepal for sure!
  6. You Can Make The World A Better Place
    That is good because you have to live in it. You should do it!
  7. Gain Job Experience
    You have to get a job eventually and volunteering in Nepal will certainly be a plus point to add on your resume!
  8. Gain Entrance Into College
    You need a good education to get a quality job. There are many colleges here, which offer high quality education for a unbelievable price.
  9. Something To Keep You Busy
    Isn't working for the needy people the best idea to overcome boredom?
  10. Understand rich Nepali culture
    You will know how rich this country is not only in natural resources but in cultural diversity as well.

And these arent even all of the many reasons to volunteer at the SADFUN, but hey, dont take my word for it, try it out for yourself.

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