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Teaching in Nepal

School days start at around 10 a.m. and finish around 04:00 p.m. Strictly speaking; this is the schedule for school days during the dry months between September and May. During the other months of the year, monsoon season starts or rages and due to the almost unbearable heat and the temporary heavy rains (over noon time and early evening) lessons are hold between 6 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. There are short breaks between lessons, you will use to move from one classroom to the other or get any instructions from the principal. After school is finished, use the time to relax and prepare some lessons. It is useful to have an idea in advance of every day what you want to teach the next day. Later in this chapter, you can get an idea of how to be prepared both before you come to Nepal and before every day on site.

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